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    Does this happen with using a PC or a rotary? I only have a PC and my pads gave me no problems
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    Re: Orange Power Pad Discussion

    i`m a beginner detailer with a pc. first products i bought for use with the pc were, dacp, #80, #9, and i bought a meguires burgandy or red cutting pad, and a few polishing pads.

    my plan was to restore a new or newer finish on a 97 vw jetta, the car is in very bad shape, swirls from hell, fine scratches, partial repaint, tiny chips on repainted hood. the car has never been polished waxed or cared for. it was only cared for by automatic and hand swirler makers of america. :dunno

    i used dacp polishing pad, 3 times, very little difference.
    slapped cutting pad on, 2 times swirls were gone, fine scratches gone!
    (this left me seeing sctaches that needed rotary power, and tiny pubic like hairs marks (micro marring or hazing, i thank accumalator for clearing that up for me)

    i then used #80 with polishing pad, did it 2-3 times, hazing was still there. but a little better.

    i then tried dacp w/polishing pad, and followed with #80 and polishing pad. still looked hazy to me. (i was using a 500w halogen light to inspect finish, does everyone else?)

    i pulled the car out in the sun, wow it looked great! no swirls scraches and it was shiny and wet looking.

    i though no one would ever know? or would they? i couldn`t tell in shade or sun. however i know they are there and it bugs me.

    does this happen to everyone? the car is sitting out side right now with hazing on it, i reduced it lots but it` still there. some spots look better then others when viewing it under the light.

    would this orange pad be a good combo with pc and dacp? links below:

    i know dacp works and the pc works also, however i feel it`s something between the the pc and the finish, that holding me back from getting the best out of dacp. or is it me?

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    Re: Orange Power Pad Discussion

    I`ve never used the Meg`s products you listed but, based on what I`ve read here, I think you might need to follow-up with a finer polish, something like FPII or SSR1 on a polishing pad, PC speed about 3.5 - 4.

    Then do some VM + EX if it`s a dark color, or VM + EX-P or UPP if it`s a light or metallic color.

    What color is the Jetta?
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