Product: Dr. Beasleys Dash Pro - 12 oz.

First question about this is what is Dash Pro? It is a ceramic coating for the interior with the added benefit of being a dust repellent. Its main purpose is for the dash but it can be used on other interior areas other than the glass and cluster gauges. Also avoid nav screens.

This is from the product description. The interesting thing that caught my eye is that statement about vibration. I will say that after using it for a few months mainly on the dash, it does stay cleaner longer. Now it is not a miracle product keeping all dust off the surface as fighting dust is a losing battle. But it does do a good job keeping the dash cleaner compared to using something like 303 or Gyeon Preserve.

It leaves an invisible coating that keeps dust particles from clinging to the surface. Vibration from driving then releases and self-cleans the dust particles. Use Dash Pro on cars, airplanes, boats, trains — anything with interior plastic and/or leather surfaces prone to dust build-up
Dash Pro also does leave UV protection behind and will darken the interior as seen on my video. It does not leave a greasy or glossy finish. The finish will be OEM like.

It does seem expensive but very little is used and the claimed durability is 1 year.