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    Review - SPS Graphene Coating

    Is there any interest in this combination. I think itís going to be a resounding yes.

    Will be IGL F4 as a primer, yes I know itís not is intended purpose. Iíll get to that a bit later.

    Followed by a double coat of SPS and maintained with their spray detailer.

    What I mean about IGL F4 is that IGL states not to be used with their eco coat line which is quartz based. They are coming out with their own Graphene coating and it would not surprise me if they say yes it can be used as a primer. I asked them about this and all they no as a primer.


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    Re: Review - SPS Graphene Coating

    We’ve been using this for several months. On a daily outside car after numerous rain storms and bird bombs it is still slick and the car doesn’t even look like it needs washing. A little learning curve but a very easy coating. Got the same answer from IGL, not a primer. I think graphene is going to be the same as SIO2 in the next few years, all kinds of crap on the market and consumer products. The graphene detail spray is by far the slickest easiest and most durable I’ve ever used.


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