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    WORX Hydroshot 20V Review

    Back in late November someone shared that WORX was selling refurbished Hydroshots on eBay for $27.00. After some additional coupons and discounts I had one shipped to my door for $16.59. I had been thinking about getting one and at that price I couldn`t afford to pass it up.

    The Hydroshot is avertised as a cordless power cleaner. But really, it`s more like an automatic spray bottle that can pull from a bucket of water or a 2L bottle with the proper attachment. However for the purposes of easy rinse downs it certainly fits the bill. I wouldn`t consider it to have the pressure or flow (.5GPM) to really blast heavy dirt from the car, but it does pretty well to take the place of a coin-op rinse down before performing a rinseless wash at home. I`ve started using the Garry Dean / Multiple Microfiber rinseless method a lot more lately and I`ve really been enjoying it. I do pretty well maintaining my cars and there`s just a lot less hassle than breaking out the hose, buckets, etc. Winter in New Jersey however is a lot harsher, and I expect my cars to get hit with a lot more winter salt and grime. I don`t think I trust a rinseless wash method for that without a pre-rinse of any larger loose salt or dirt first. I also am not fully on board with rinseless washing wheels and tires with microfiber. I much prefer to spray with an APC to scrub with brushes then rinse it down.

    This is where the Hydroshot has interested me most. My outside water is currently shut off for winter, but the hydroshot allows me to throw a couple gallons of distilled water in a bucket and go at it. I can rinse off my wheels after cleaning them, and then pre-rinse the car all using the same 2-3 gallons.

    Today I was giving my now fiancee`s car a quick wash before we head down to her family for a Christmas celebration. I did have some time to grab some photos and video of using the Hydroshot to clean up the wheels. I hope you all enjoy. I`m happy to try and answer any questions you might have.

    Full Album Here (Worx Hydroshot Review - Album on Imgur)

    1. Dirty wheel. ( I wish I had more time to take care of this car. We`re usually pretty busy on weekends when her car is home to get the chance to wash.

    2. WORX Hydroshot.( I had a little bit of ONR leftover in the bucket at rinseless or 256:1 dilution. Add a couple more gallons of distilled water and we`re good to go! I`ve got the 20ft hose extension that is clipped to the bucket and where the hose siphons the water from. The longer wand is needed to get the maximum pressure. There`s also a Hi/Lo setting but you won`t ever be using this thing on Lo since it`s barely a dribble out of the Hydroshot.

    3. I`ve been using Shine Supply Wise Guy as my all around Wheel and Tire Cleaner.( It`s advertised for Tire cleaning, but I`ve found it cleans whes just as well and it`s one less product I need to mix up and carry around with me to each wheel.

    4. Rinsing down with the Hydroshot!( There`s an adjustable pattern spread on the wand tip. I`ve got mine currently set to 40 degrees.

    5. I just cleaned the face of the wheel in the interest of time.( Next time I`ll grab the bucket and get the barrels. Wiped on some Adam`s Polishes Tire Shine that I got from a mystery box and things are looking good!
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    Re: WORX Hydroshot 20V Review

    I`ve had one for six months and use it on my wheels and other places where I don`t have power as in my condo parking lot. I really like it , but would like it a lot more if it had just a little bit more power.
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    Re: WORX Hydroshot 20V Review

    That’s a great deal and if I could get one close to that price I would buy it even though I have sworn off Worx products. I have thrown away 3 different Worx battery operated pieces of crap. Their customer service is the worst I have ever tried to deal with. They would not even accept a return on a battery for any reason. They have a tough luck return policy, your tough luck if your purchase sucks. But for under $20 the most I would lose would be my patience and $20.

    I`m surprised Worx has refurbished items since they refuse to accept most returns. It is telling when there is so many refurbished items on the market. This thing originally was priced at $170 and now it’s less than $20, something is going on.

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    Re: WORX Hydroshot 20V Review

    Has anyone actually used one of these while attached to the hose?

    I don`t have a need to have it draw from a bucket, but am curious if it would be a decent alternative to an electric power washer when attached to a water supply which is already under pressure.

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    Re: WORX Hydroshot 20V Review

    Yes, I think the top PSI is like 320 with the hose attached. Its good for the initial spray off before a bucket wash to knock all the loose dirt off. I also have used it with the Hydro/Hydrofoam type products to set up the sealant. I don`t use it for rinsing. One problem I have found is the plastic quick connectors you need to install on the hose quickly become loose fitting due to the stress of the hose weight and will leak.
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    Re: WORX Hydroshot 20V Review

    Thank you Brian for the review.
    I have the Worx 20V Hydroshot purchased at retail price - 10x the price you paid!

    I was able to get an acceptable layer of foam on car as pre-soak, as well as get my Mercedes Benz brake dust reasonably clean with just water.
    I use the Worx gun regularly and found it to be a good mini cordless power washer.
    My name is Dennis!

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    WORX Hydroshot 20V Review

    I use it on a hose - yes. If you want more power from it - get a dirt blaster tip for it at Home Depot. Can almost rip your skin off that way. That`s how I use it pretty much exclusively



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