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    Re: Griotís pump up foamer, short review

    Quote Originally Posted by rlmccarty2000 View Post
    I’ve got one Nextzett sprayer that I love, they are real time and hand savers. I’ll have to try a Griots sprayer. Thanks.
    Nextzett`s sprayers are (or were) made by Kwazar. I bought three of these back when Nextzett was Einzett and back then they were made by Kwazar.

    That`s my conclusion after Nick clued me in, and from my own comparison between the actual Kwazar sprayer and the Einzetts I ordered.
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    Re: Griotís pump up foamer, short review

    Guys, is $40 a lot for a plastic sprayer?
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    Re: Griotís pump up foamer, short review

    I have half a dozen of the Kwazar products and have spoken highly of these in the past. That said, 2 of these pristine and well maintained products cracked on the seam where the bottle has it’s see through sight line. Not happy with these, to darn expensive to have a failure point like this
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