I posted a thread about this product in the past and despite the negative feedback I had to try it out for myself. This was purchased with bonus points so I wouldn`t feel bad if it didn`t turn out to be a very good product.

This was initially used and written a few days before I left for detail fest. I didn`t post until now because I wanted more time to play with the product before I formed my opinion on it. The following was written at that time until noted otherwise.

Drove my clean car to work so my car had the day old pollen dust on it from sitting at work all day. I had this waiting for me when I got home so I sprayed down my car and used a few micros. DMT was definitely a better towel to use here than my really dense chinchilla type towels.

The review:
smell- well, it kind of reminds me of old play-do..maybe it had been sitting for a while, smell didn`t get a lot better after I shook the heck out of it.

It`s blueish and has sparkly stuff in it...

It was getting dark and maybe a little humid but about 72 degrees and I did this outside.

For reference my normal goto qd is spray and wipe or spray and gloss so im used to extremely easy application and removal.

It did not wipe clean with one swipe, it took a second wipe and I did a third later just to be safe. Keep in mind I probably used too much.

It reminded me of using qd+ in that it works great but requires an additional wipe (or two), but this requres a little more work.

As stated by another member, it leaves "something", and I wanted to investigate This so I checked the roof, which wasnt beading like this before.

So I then wiped a small part of the roof twice with opt paint prep and then used sprayduster over that area.

Visually i felt it left additional shine, a glow on top...I could be wrong but it sure looked like added gloss.

I took a few pics at sunset since I thought the clouds looked cool.

the conclusion:
This stuff is Not cheap. IMO it is not that great as a `detailer` compared to some other choices I have (s&w), but it does leave a nice shine and some protection.so is it then more of a quick detailer + `wax`?

This will, however, serve a purpose as I will use it to clean off dust and pollen from Polish Angel cars I work on when I pull them out after cured to take pics and mother nature tries to ruin my shine.

I also plan to use it as a drying aid for when I wash my car/truck with Glissante, Aqua, Cosmic, or Flake shampoos.

Would I buy it again? most likely not.

It will have a place with my PA stash and routine but it is the least impressive PA product I have tried, but only because it doesn`t melt into the paint like all of their other sprays do and I`ve tried a few PA products. It`s hard to spread, it wants to streak, and you have to really watch how much you are using. It made me have to relearn how to apply a qd.

Considering this product is for dusting, if you used it to clean anything more than very light dusting, you`d probably need to use more product and that`d make it hard to wipe off streak free. Otherwise I am not sure I`d want to hope the thick consistency spreads across a section with a micro as I`m always afraid of marring my black car.

This product does has a learning curve and halfway through doing my car I was able to get this to wipe clean with simply one flip of the DMMT.

This is more than a qd, this is more of a qd w/ pa shine, so it begs the question, also previous stated by another member, of why buy this when you can get rapidwaxx etc which has a lot more "something in it" and is in the same price range. That kind of sums up how I feel about price on this product.

If this was $10-15 cheaper it would be a much better buy but right now I cannot justify the price relative to what I`ve experienced using it thus far especially considering what you can buy (PA wise) for the same $.

Fast forward to present time, about a month later.....as stated before, this was used right before I left for detail fest. once i got back i pulled the car out and let a mustang in my garage for two nights where my car was covered in pollen

here`s what it looked like

I took the car to the coin op and put in the 7 quarters to start it and hit car with high pressure soap, then high pressure rinse.

The water danced off the car like it was freshly waxed, which i guess it was at some recent point but the water behavior was different, I could tell the Sprayduster was adding some goodness to the finish. (still worth the price? no).

I drove the car one lap around the interstate access road, never getting above 55 and parked in garage and there was barely any water drops left on the car so I took sprayduster and some DMMTs and went over the car.

In conclusion:
While this product has grown on me, I still can`t find a way to justify the price. For the price, this won`t take the throne of my favorite qd product (spray and wipe) But it will be used as a drying aid and light duster for my SRT, which is usually covered in Polish Angel anyways.

It works easier on the coated half of my car but that`s not really a surprise.

It leaves the surface with that buttery smooth wax feel, as compared to a slicker, clean feel you get from S&W. I kind of like the slicker feeling personally.

It`s a far easier product to use as a drying aid than quick detailer so that is where I`ll keep using it.
I think I already said this, but if it was $10-15+ cheaper I`d have no issue buying it during a % off sale.

This product grew on me over the last few weeks but at the end of the day, for the same price, if not a little more, I would rather have two smaller PA sprays than this 500ml sprayduster.

Thanks for viewing.