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    Review: McKee`s 37 Anti Frost washer fluid

    I was given this in exchange for a honest review.

    So I was given a sample of this innovative product while I was in Florida detailing for a couple weeks. Upon my arrival back to the freezing cold New England weather I was excited to try out the new Mckees anti frost washer fluid on our daily driver Silverado that sits outside year around.

    So one thing I wanted to point out is that while we were in Florida we had an oil change done on the truck and they topped off the windshield fluid with a standard fluid that doesn`t have anti freeze capabilities as found out a couple days after arriving back home that the fluid had frozen. Whoops!

    But thanks to this product it helped keep the remaining fluid from freezing. Pretty cool.

    Anyway onto the pictures.

    This was a pre production bottle but same exact fluid inside.

    As you can see my windshield gets a pretty even frost.

    I just simply poured in the whole bottle in the reservoir. I am not to sure what dilution ratio I used due to there being a good amount of standard fluid left. I just added the whole thing which topped it off.

    Then I tested it out by giving it a few squirts. It cleaned right up with no streaks which is nice during very cold weather where standard stuff will usually streak.

    Fast forward about 2 weeks later and I was curious to see if it actually prevents frost like advertised.

    Well there is definitely a difference between where the fluid had been applied vs not. You can see the lower part of the window where the wiper doesn`t contact has much more frost then the rest. The main part of the window has more of a light fog on it.

    As before. A couple squirts and she is clean and streak free.

    Pretty cool product. Definitely going to continue monitoring it over the coming weeks.
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    Re: Review: McKee`s 37 Anti Frost washer fluid

    Very nice! Thank you for sharing. I`d love to try this one out... but the price... oh man is it steep for a 32oz bottle vs. a gallon of the blue stuff. And I`d need a ton of it to make it through the winter. Maybe it will go on super sale hint hint Vega.
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    Re: Review: McKee`s 37 Anti Frost washer fluid

    I`ve yet to read the ~RTFM~ but I`m pretty sure OP might have used a bit more than he should have. Usually this stuff is either a booster to existing WW fluid and or it`s a concentrate you mix with DW.

    At the cost of WW fluid (Prestone summer/winter fluid is my preferred combo just like tires) - aka, no all season fluid for me. The less solvent, the better for my LSP.

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    Re: Review: McKee`s 37 Anti Frost washer fluid

    I bought a bottle to ty out. To my surprise, it has an almost identical dilution ratio chart as the Nextzett Anti-Frost.

    So,we`ll see if it`s worth over twice the cost of the Nextzett.

    It would`ve been nice if you could see the dilution chart and Autopia,(or Autogeek) would`ve shown it in the catalog.

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    Re: Review: McKee`s 37 Anti Frost washer fluid

    Not criticizing the OP,he had a bottle without the dilution ratios on it.
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