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    Kamikaze Overcoat (& WG Uber Ceramic)


    On rare occasions a product is introduced to the detailing world that really stands apart from everything else, or establishes an entirely new category. This is exactly what KAMIKAZE did when they introduced OVER COAT…The Ultimate Sacrificial layer Coating!

    OVER COAT is designed to be (easily) applied over the durable base layer coating…which could be ISM COAT, MIYABI COAT, and other brands of glass, ceramic, or polymer coatings. OVER COAT will take the abuse of the elements, while protecting the under layer. And since it’s so easy to apply and work with, you can quickly maintain your coated vehicle every month or two (durability however is listed as 3-6 months).

    Besides being very easy to apply (wet or dry!), OVER COAT has some of the most insane hydrophobic / water beading properties available! It can be used on paint, glass, plastic trim, or rims.

    The water based formula is non-solvent, VOC free, non-wax, non-PTFE, and non-polymer. A truly unique product indeed.

    The special formulation of hard resin and Siloxane can also perform light filling and cover small swirls or haze in the paint for those who haven’t had their paint perfectly polished.

    So given the fact that OVER COAT can be applied wet or dry (easy use like a quick detailer), it is designed as a sacrificial layer for ALL types of coatings, can be used on most areas of the car, is capable of light defect filling, and has crazy water beading characteristics…this will easily be the #1 seller in the Kamikaze line!


    OVER COAT can be applied in a variety of ways, and without much effort at all. When drying the vehicle, either mist a few sprays directly onto the panel and dry as normal, or spray onto your waffle weave drying towel. You will quickly notice a slickness to the finish while drying.

    If you choose to dry the vehicle first, then apply in a similar manner. On a dry car it is preferred to spray OVER COAT into your plush microfiber towel, then gently buff into the surface. A little bit goes a long way, and the 100ml bottle is capable of coating 8-10 cars!

    The by-hand application can be done on either coated, or non-coated vehicles.

    And for an advanced method (ONLY on non-coated cars), you can apply OVER COAT by machine using a soft finishing pad, and slow machine speed. This application method will increase durability, and will do a better job of filling in fine hairline defects.

    If you do find any light water spotting on a vehicle topped with OVER COAT, just use the WATER SPOT REMOVER by KAMIKAZE, and then re-apply a fresh coat of OVER COAT on the affected areas…quite simple!

    OVER COAT by KAMIKAZE is the easiest way to protect your coated vehicle, and it serves as a great maintenance program to get the most out of your coating’s durability and gloss. And if you like extreme hydrophobic / water beading properties, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything as good and easy to use.



    Used on a 2004 black (straight black, no metallic) Corvette:
    This is a 65k mile car, daily driven in Spring, Summer and Fall until snow flies. Has seen rain, sat out in sun after rainstorms, been flogged at dragstrip numerous times each summer and even drove thru one blizzard on a road trip.

    Car has been ensconced in multiple layers of Zaino since new, claybar`d, new Zaino Z5 applied each spring of its life and maintained each driving season with additional Z5 applications monthly. Car has seen one professional compound/polish/wax in it`s life, about 6 years ago.

    Paint condition prior to this spring could be described as `good`; major detriment to surface is many etched water spots on horizontal surfaces picked up somewhere along the way despite consistent Zaino usage. In Mike Phillips classification of water spotting they would likely be considered Type `worst`.

    Decided to pick up a GG6 DA this spring, WG compound/swirl remover/finishing glaze/Uber ceramic and have at it on all our cars. Started on our 2007 black Mazda3 `test car` to figure out how to best use machine, polishes, pads and techniques.

    Test spots on Vette began with WG Swirl Remover on orange LC flat pad; did well on majority of defects but left etched water spots unaffected. Kept stepping up aggressiveness from WG Uber Compound on orange, then yellow LC flat pad then Megs M101 on orange and then yellow LC flat pad. The M101 with yellow pad finally smoothed the edges of the etched water spots and removed the interior staining of the spots but it was slow, slow, slow going. Took a leap and tried Megs D300 with their Microfiber cutting discs (cleaned pad with air chuck after each section pass) which finally reduced the water spots to acceptable level. Can still see edges/cratering but stains from interior of spots gone and sharp edges of cratered spots smoothed significantly. Figrd that`s about as good as it would get short of wet sanding or other aggressive procedures that were far beyond my ability. Cleaned up nicely with WG Finishing Glaze on white pad, WG Perfekt Paintwork prep and then applied the Uber Ceramic.

    Maintained the first month or two with regular WG Auto Bathe bucket washes and WG Uber Rinseless in Quick Detailer dilution. Got bored and despite many opinions to contrary regarding topping coatings, dropped some Dodo Juice Purple Haze on it just to see `what if`. Looked good, gave some warmth and depth to paint but it did mute the sharp, `piano black` look of the Uber Coating on the non-metallic black paint.

    Ran across the reference to Kamikaze Overcoat sonewhere, read up on it, taking notice of the following points:
    - The special formulation of hard resin and Siloxane can also perform light filling and cover small swirls or haze in the paint for those who haven’t had their paint perfectly polished.

    - OVER COAT is designed to be (easily) applied over the durable base layer coating…which could be ISM COAT, MIYABI COAT, and other brands of glass, ceramic, or polymer coatings.

    Sounded like a nice Quick Detailer for a coated car although at $75 for 8oz it`s kinda expensive for frequent use as such.

    Anyway, washed car and went over with WG Perfekt Paintwork Prep to remove any remnants of Dodo Purple Haze which had likely worn off anyway over previous month+ of daily usage/washing...not raining much in NE Ohio so car was/is pretty much daily driven this year.

    Overcoat bottle itself is quite durable/substantial metal container and pump sprayer provides a VERY fine mist. Definitely need to keep close to surface when applying as even light wind/draft will carry the cloud of misted product away if given the chance. I applied in garage in upper 80 degree heat, kinda humid, using the dry method, much like a QD. Product went on nicely, spread quite evenly with medium nap microfiber cloth (Cobra edgeless polishing cloths from autogeek). Did panel by panel, largest section at once being half of the hood. Do have to pay attention to buffing after application as it can leave coating - like high spots if overdone. High spots easily buffed down quickly but can be more persistent to remove if left un noticed until later. Entire application took about 15 minutes.

    After application, looked really good ( like any freshly waxed/cleaned black car ) but initially not earth shattering by any stetch. Thought `Eh, was worth a shot...but not blown away`.

    Put car away thinking it was an interesting exercise but not much more. By the next day, though, things had changed.

    Guess it needed to cure or something but 24 hours later it had transformed into looking like someone had encased the paint in high definition liquid glass. Looks like it further muted the edges of the etched water spots and had returned the sharp, reflected, `piano black` look to the paint. Well worth the exercise at this point, with apparent added `sacrificial layer` protection, although that aspect remains to be seen.

    Going forward I think I`ll be using the Overcoat once a month or so, perhaps applying `wet` during drying after bucket wash; in between just maintaining with washes/QD applications using Uber Rinseless un QD dilution.

    Overall pleased at this early stage; paint is slick, likely as `high definition glossy` as it can be and hopefully added protection for Uber Ceramic, which it seems to play quite nicely with. 8oz bottle should last a LONG time as well. Time and money well spent, says i.
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    Re: Kamikaze Overcoat (& WG Uber Ceramic)

    been using it for a long time

    Really great stuff. Also seemed to darken it some.
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    Re: Kamikaze Overcoat (& WG Uber Ceramic)

    You are using way more than you have to, a couple of sprays on your towel is enough.

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    Re: Kamikaze Overcoat (& WG Uber Ceramic)

    I use the overcoat on top of the Uber coating as well. I love the look and ease of application. It was kind of strange the first use because of how fine it sprays but the results are great imo.

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    Re: Kamikaze Overcoat (& WG Uber Ceramic)

    Car with Overcoat applied the week before got caught in a rainstorm, came home and aside from the backend, which is always a nasty mess on a C5 Corvette, the entire car still looked like it had just been washed. Wife said water just flew off the car as she drove it and when parked in garage after, water just ran off the car on it`s own. So entertaining to watch I pulled out the hose and started spraying the car just to watch it shed. Really, really cool stuff. Quick 3 minute spray/polish with Kenotech Showroom Shine and it looked absolutely stellar. Overcoat is certainly the `real deal`...I`m hoping the Kamikaze coatings (Miyabi/ISM) perform as well as Overcoat. Also like how you can choose ISM coat for a warmer, carnauba like look or the Miyabi which produces a `hard glass coating with a brilliant shine`. Different looks, and welcome choices.
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