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    Re: Review CarPro Cquartz Leather Coating

    This stuff WORKS !!!

    I let my cleaning routine go past my usual 2-3 day water wipe and just let the dye get built up on the outer bolster piping.
    Usual cleaning if it was not coated would be

    - water wipedown (no removal)
    - High PH (1Z DP) spray and wipe (70% removal rate). Would need a brush to agitate to get it all out...

    With the coating on, water does not remove the dye transfer BUT a spray with DP and then a quick wipe with the MF and all the transfer came off with no brush scrubbing (which is a good thing) !

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    Re: Review CarPro Cquartz Leather Coating

    1 year update on my dad`s seats. Cquartz Leather Coating has held up well after 1 year. The surface is still hydrophobic and the surface tension is still present indicating it is still on the surface. The car is daily driven. So far so good.

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