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    Re: At home detailing beginner with simple request…..

    Quote Originally Posted by tenblade2001 View Post
    A picture of the defects would be VERY helpful. For my first several corrections, I used OPT Hyper Polish and got great results. Its newbie friendly.

    Yes !!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Pretty much overlooked but really a great, great, Polish !!!
    Depending on the level of correction, type of paint, etc., this ONE product always performs extremely well for me..
    It absolutely rocks on Acura paint...

    It is very well behaved, not sticky or grabby, it just flat works until you slow it down and lessen up on the pressure, where it then finishes down LSP ready...
    It is also very powerful and can cut deep enough quickly if needed to..
    Dan F

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    Re: At home detailing beginner with simple request…..

    Several people already beat me to it, but Meg`s Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Polish. You can get them practically anywhere, and their performance is comparable/equal to all the other polishes I`ve tried.
    I still don`t believe in grit guards.
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