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    Re: IDA - International Detailing Association

    IDA may someday be powerful enough to get pad manufacturers to set a standard for colors but doubt it will ever be industry wide. Just as important is to mark each pad with date of manufacturer since the foam breaks down due to age. UV exposure is the culprit.
    Which is why one pad may hold up for many uses, but the next time you buy the same pad, it doesn`t last but one use.
    At the very least, as IDA membership grows around the world, someday will be able to at least attempt to pressure some manufacturers to set and use standards other than government mandated.
    "Logic dictates I have been at this detailing thing way too many years!":wink1:
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    Re: IDA - International Detailing Association

    Lots of great feedback here ! Thanks all !!

    I am grateful that Autopia is associated with the IDA and I believe A/G is also.. Thank you guys/gals for helping to push this forward !

    Perhaps someday, the Detailing Craft may be at the level as the pretty familiar "ASE" certifications, that we car geeks are familiar with.. Wonder how long it took those people to put it out there in such a way, that we pretty much know what ASE means ?

    If I did the math right, it has been mentioned that this Detailing Certification idea started in 1989, with starts, stops, etc.. Well, that was 31 years ago..

    No matter what happens and when, -Nothing- will ever substitute for a world-class Work Ethic and Quality of Work.. You really have to - want - to work at this level !

    And to achieve this, it will take years of hands-on time behind the tools, while all the time learning, and thinking of ways to perform more efficiently without sacrificing one whit of one`s highest Quality of Work..

    My humble advice to anyone wanting to learn how to Detail has always been -- go find all your family, and Detail all those vehicles to start.. It will be easier to learn and carefully experiment on family vehicles than on a Client`s vehicle.. It you really want to do this for a living, this, or a form of this, needs to happen.. Yes, it will be much less expensive than a class that costs around $500/day, and you can perhaps start saving up for all the supplies you will sometime have to front and then get a return on investment..

    We all stand ready to impart advice from the decades+++ of our experiences to anyone who asks, but you have to go do the work first..

    Dan F
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    Re: IDA - International Detailing Association

    Quote Originally Posted by RaskyR1 View Post
    That is my issue too and I`ve seen poor work by an "awarded" member in the past. I`m 100% on board for continuing education (just came back from two advanced PPF classes), but at the end of the day just because someone passes a test and becomes an IDA member doesn`t mean they will choose to run their business ethically and by those standards. Some people don`t care, just focus on money, or whatever their reason is for doing poor work, lack of education/understanding often has nothing to do with it. Same goes for a ASE certified mechanics. Sure it`s nice to know an individual is educated and understands the vehicles they`re working on, but at the end of the day who I choose to go to is going to be based on reputation and WOM.

    Perhaps the IDA has to implement a way to weed out the bad apples? Routine audits (undercover)?
    I think they need to make it much harder to get certified in the 1st place. From the Googling I`ve done on it, a person with just a bit of experience could probably get IDA certification with only minimal studying. There will always be capable people who get their cert and just do lazy work, your surprise audits would help that. But for the main cert just make it harder. A perfect example is Cicerone certification, it`s for people who want to brew beer. Level 1 wouldn`t be too difficult for even a novice if they spent a few weeks studying. Level 2 would be impossible to get without a ton of dedication. I mean like, it could take someone a few years of dedicated effort to prepare themselves. And even with pure dedication I think the pass/fail rate only only around 25% pass. And level 3 has like a 10% pass rate. And level 4, there are only I believe 4 or 5 on the entire planet, so the fail rate there`s basically 100%. If I meet a level 1 Cicerone person I don`t assume their knowledge goes beyond the basics, maybe they`re elite but I don`t know. Now if I meet a level 2 I know instantly they`re absolutely great. Now a level 2 could be lazy and not apply what they know and do crummy brewing. But I know for them to reach that certification they have to possess insane amounts of beer and brewing knowledge. When I know a certain certification has a majority fail rate for the testing, I will hold the people in higher regard.

    IDA obviously has a ton of good members. I mean Mike Phillips & Renny Doyle are members, and I know there are others on their level. But it seems to me for a regular joe off the street to get IDA certificated it might only take them reading a bit and taking a few day long classes. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in detailing, but imho I don`t think I`m good enough to where I should be able to get certified for it.
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