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    Re: Reaching new heights

    Just to avoid getting this thread too far off topic, I`ve gone ahead and started a new post about the wholesale program for anyone who has more questions or is interested. Carry on with the great advice and encouragement. It`s great to hear about your business success and we`re happy to be part of it.
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    Re: Reaching new heights

    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneB View Post
    I suppose I should be adding that I have been doing this for 5 years and and pretty far along from where I started in terms of getting a business going. What I am doing is working, I`ve been building a client base, I have loyal customers, I have formed an LLC (years ago). Not really looking for help so much in terms of starting from scratch as I am looking for things like Mike Lambert had said about raising his prices and picking a brand that is unique to my area.

    My business is up and running. I`m simply looking for others examples of how they continued to set themselves apart and the things they have done to take their business to the next level. Businesses that aren`t constantly evolving and adapting are doomed to failure. Lining up my next stepping stone is all.

    I dont mean to discount ANY of your advice. It`s a great bit of information you`ve posted and I know other`s browsing here will find it tremendously helpful. It`s just not exactly the type of info I`m looking for at the moment.
    Thanks Shane for the kind words. You obviously KNOW then from experience what it takes to run a legitimate detailing business.
    Mike also brings up a good point about being an authorized dealer and trained and certified detailer/installer for a particular car-care chemical manufacturer or product. While there are government-issued and required licenses and certifications for many professional services (beauticians, nurses, plumbers, electricians, teachers, accountants, engineers, etc.) there is NOTHING that I know of required for a detailer by the government to have that license for a business. That discussion has been on-going here in this forum for "professional detailers". Most states politicians do not get wish to get involved in the bureaucracy and expense to oversee a professional license for an occupation viewed as unskilled and entry-level.

    There are two services that are kind of related to detailing that may expand your business opportunities:
    1) Painless dent removal (PDR)(like hail damage) and scratch touch-ups
    2) Vehicle plastic protective film (PPF) wrapping.

    Not sure if that is within your consideration for services. Someone here in forum (Rasky1??) said if they could combine those two services and be proficient at both, it would be a business-career gold mine.
    GB detailer
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    Re: Reaching new heights

    Doing PPF custom installation and not pre cut kits is a license to print money! I wish I’d done that years ago!
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    Re: Reaching new heights

    I had thought about the PPF as well as possibly looking into vinyl wrapping


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