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    New to quickbooks

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I`m sure a big majority of the users here are watching the superbowl, but i wanted to ask a few questions. I`m recently started my mobile detail business and I will admit, keeping track of all my records and expenses have been a bit mundane and distracting. I know its important to save everything I`ve done which i have. My question is for anyone who currently uses quickbooks. i have purchased the plus edition (im sure its more than what i need, but my budget allows it just in case). my question is though, how do you fellow detailers currently utilize this program. I have my square linked to it as well. Havent opened a business account yet, but will be this week. Any info you guys can offer would be highly appreciated!

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    Re: New to quickbooks

    When I started my business I had my accountant give me a crash course on how to use it and categorize everything. I`d assume you could do the same. I`m still learning haha

    That was the best way for me to figure it all out, watch someone else guide me through my first few transactions.



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