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    Hey guys,

    I happened to find a link to this site on one of my other forums and I`m happy I did. I have been detailing cars for about 2 years now and finally decided that I wanted to start my own business. My business is still in the "planning" phase, but I have all the materials that I need, albeit a mobile water tank and pump. But, what actually do I NEED to start this business? Obviously gonna need a business license, insurance... what else?

    Here`s a few "after pictures" of a couple of details I did this last weekend.

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    more than a month and no responses?

    They turned out great!

    What did you use on the paint?

    Silverado 13 im in the same situation right now.

    I would also be interested in some opinions.

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    #1 Business Cards. Then go get the magnet at Staples to fit your card. Give it to every client you work for, put it on there refridgerator. If you just hand them a business card with no magnet and say call again, 90% chance it gets lost, you just lost a repeat customer. Thats why Dominoes and Pizza Hut do well, theres always there phone # on the fridge#2 Get on Microsoft Publisher and create a flyer for your business. Give people an offer they can`t refuse. Make sure you put an expiration date with our offer. Have them printed up and make sure the flyer is on pink paper, not white. Women make alot of these decisions, they like pink. Go hand out your flyer in th wealthiest neighborhoods you can find. That should get the phone ringing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleaning Fool
    make sure the flyer is on pink paper, not white. Women make alot of these decisions, they like pink.

    Ha ha, reminds me of the guy I saw on 60 Minutes years ago, who would win an unusual percentage of mail-in sweeptstakes (Reader`s Digest, etc.) and they interviewed him as to how he was so "lucky". He had a number of tricks, but one of them was folding up the corner of the letter/entry form so if the ladies working in the office dropped it on the floor, or even from the desk, they could pick it up easily with their long fingernails.

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    Will you be mobile or stationary? I`m Mobile only. Going into my 6th year. In Ohio too. So I`m seasonal,except for the clients that have heated buildings. I carry everything in my truck. My avatar!

    Heated extractor


    Pressure Washer, 50" hose

    3 Buffers Rotory Flex PC

    60 gallons water

    10 x 10 tent

    all the products needed to do full details.

    Go to Autogeek and search Mobile Detailers. I have pics there I have trouble posting them on Autopia. PM anytime with your questions or concerns. I`ll help all I can



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