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Thread: 2018 GMC Yukon

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    2018 GMC Yukon

    This repeat client came to me with his 2018 Yukon for an interior/exterior detail. It was loaded with tar and the wheels had some pretty caked on brake dust/tar.


    - Wash with The Wax Shop Cherry Snow Foam
    - Decontaminate with Iron X and Tarminator
    - Sealed with Detail King STS3000


    - Vacuum
    - All surfaces cleaned with McKees Total Interior Cleaner
    - Plastics treated with Detail King Pearl Gloss
    - Seats Cleaned and treated with Leatherique


    - Cleaned with 3M Glass Cleaner
    - Treated with Jade Water Glyde Ceramic Sealant


    - Wheels Cleaned with Detail King Brake up, Tarminator and Iron-X
    - Tires cleaned with Detail King Tire/Whitewall Cleaner
    - Wheels sealed with Jade Ceramic Coating Spray
    - Tires dressed with Detail King Laguna Beach Tire Gel


    - Treated with Car Guys Plastic Restorer
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    Ryan Cywinski - Owner
    Northeast Auto Reflections
    Detail Spa and Mobile Wash, LLC

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    Re: 2018 GMC Yukon

    Nice work, that`s a lot of real estate to clean.

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    Re: 2018 GMC Yukon

    Good work on that beast.....I have one of these that I do on a regular basis......kicks my butt every time

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    Re: 2018 GMC Yukon

    I was never a fan of carpet striping, probably because you need a good extractor or vacuum to do form the fiber nap AND a steady hand to get the lines so arrow straight, but it does add that extra professionally-detailed signature touch. My real reason was former and missing-in-action Autopian all-star Barry Theal said carpeting never came from the factory this way, so he never did this striping. He would even go over carpets with a brush and compressed air to re-arrange the fibers to look "factory stock" after cleaning. Professional detailers are entitled to their preferences.
    Please see:
    Autopian all-star Sizzle Chest in Florida does this striping in carpets as well.

    That said, don`t knock unless you can do it, (envious) Captain Obvious!

    Anyway, Street5927, would you comment on how many total hours from start to finish you have in detailing theis "land yacht"? My reason for asking is that even more pedestrian (AKA smaller) SUVs take forever (16 hours, 2 days) for me to detail properly inside and out. (No, I do not have the equipment that you, Street5927, use for "professional detailing".)

    That Yukon is a rolling art-work of your detailing prowess and abilities, Street5927. Thanks for posting the pics. Like I have posted to above mentioned detailing all-star, Sizzle Chest, from former New York Yankees oft-quoted manager, Yogi Berra,"It ain`t braggin` if ya can do it!"
    GB detailer

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    Re: 2018 GMC Yukon

    Well done! Yep, I dig stripes!
    Scott Harle
    Serving Naples and SW Florida
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    Re: 2018 GMC Yukon


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    Re: 2018 GMC Yukon

    That’s a whole lot of real estate



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