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    Re: 2001 Firebird Trans Am - WS6

    Quote Originally Posted by dschribs View Post
    Cleaned up the TA this past weekend. No before pictures because it honestly wasn`t that bad to start off with. Just the standard "love marks" from my car cover and one too many hasty wipedowns w quick detailer.

    Wash was standard two bucket using Chemical Guys Citrus Wash (not Wash and Gloss) to strip the Blackfire Wet Diamond I had on there from last year, Iron-X followed my Nanoskin Auroscrub Fine. This soap is honestly the only Chemical Guys product I have ever used. It does a GREAT job stripping old wax and sealants. Then again - they make like 100 different soaps so their bound to get at least one right. (I use Adams for maintenance washes)

    Polish was done with my new Griots G9 (love it!), LC Hydrotech tangerine pads and Sonax Perfect Finish.

    Wheels - Griots Chrome Wheel Cleaner followed by Mother`s All Chrome Cleaner.

    Exhaust tips - Optimum Metal polish w 0000 steel wool.

    LSP was Clearkote Carnauba Moose Wax. It will be interesting to see how many of the old timers on here remember this stuff. It was one of Scottwax`s favorites on the forums here way back when. I do have Souveran paste wax but the Clearkote darkens the paint a bit more which I like. I still think there is nothing like a Carnuba "glow" on red paint.

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    I certainly remember the moose wax and the souveran. Great job. Takes me back to the good old days.

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    Re: 2001 Firebird Trans Am - WS6



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