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    Re: 2015 BMW X5 M Exterior - Pinnacle correction and Angelwax protection

    Quote Originally Posted by SWETM View Post
    At least here in Sweden those soaps is very diluted down and don`t do much of helping the PW to clean with. I`m very methodical to hit all parts of the car with the water pressure from the PW. Then it`s just what distance you can get away from the vehical without loosing the cleaning ability from the PW. But with a lot of road film dirt it`s mostly needed to be doing a touching wash to get it all off. There are a few prewash foams and pretreatment that is really great at desolving the road film. And would be surprised if the coin-op wash bays has any near as effective ones. Also since it`s not a controlled application and rinse off as in a touchless wash tunnel. They would take a big risk to use a harsh cheaper cleaner if the user would have it on the paint for too long. In the coin-op wash bays here in Sweden there is a brush attachement you push forward on the wand and aggitate with and pull back when you use the PW. If you where the only one to use and take care of it. It would not be so bad. But with many that just don`t care of things these is very dirty. It`s not something that you would want to be touching your paint with LOL
    Yeah, the spray detergent was definitely weak. I sprayed for quite awhile because of it but just wasn’t strong enough to get the road grime off. This car wash had a separate squirt broom that I didn’t go near.
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    Re: 2015 BMW X5 M Exterior - Pinnacle correction and Angelwax protection

    Congrats on that ride I love it !

    Good write up. Enjoy her

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    2015 BMW X5 M Exterior - Pinnacle correction and Angelwax protection

    Update 9/6/19: After getting home and taking a good look at my filthy, bug splattered X5, I saw that the bird bomb did indeed etch into the paint.

    Itís been 3 days since the bird bomb occurred, was left on for 7 hours, and then blasted off with water pressure during my trip.

    Before jumping to the conclusion that AngelWax Titanium (2 coats) and Enigma (2 coats) have terrible bird bomb resistance, I do want to note that this BMW may be prone to etching. It had a coating on it when I purchased, and the below picture is of the front middle of the hood with etchings all over:

    Granted, coatings arenít exactly known for protection against etching, I was hoping that the 4 coats of coating lite/hybrids would be better than what the previous owner had... Iíve never had etching issues on the Acura or Audi using waxes, sealants or SiO2 sprays, so this is new territory for me.

    So figured I would try to remove the etching with least aggressive approaches first, and see how the AngelWax combo handles chemical resistance.
    - Started with N-914. Not a chance, no change in etching intensity
    - Next, WG Paint Prep Spray. Not a chance, no change in etching intensity
    - Then WG Bug Remover. Not a chance, no change in etching intensity
    - Then Megís APC 1:10. Not a chance, no change in etching intensity
    - Then Mckees Engine Degreaser. Not a chance, no change in etching intensity
    Hereís the result after all these products:

    Finally, I tried PBL Surface Cleansing Polish, my last resort before going to aggressive abrasives and deciding when I want to spot apply 2-4 coats of AngelWax.

    Eureka! PBL SFC with a red 3Ē finishing pad on the GG6 got rid of the etching (to the point that I can only barely see part of it under the craziest angles/lighting). Good enough considering the rest of the hood has bird crap mummies all over it.

    Hereís the result:

    How did the area hold up to all this abuse, you ask? I dropped some water on a cleaned but untouched part of the hood to confirm the normal sheeting speed. Sheets like a champ of course. Then dropped the same amount over the bird bomb area, I didnít notice any decrease in sheeting speed:

    I will say that I can feel a difference when I run my finger over the area. Maybe the Enigma is compromised slightly. Maybe Enigma is gone and TI-22 is left uncovered (based on sheeting I think Enigma still remains). Maybe nothing is compromised and any bit of gunk from my 1000 mile trip is all gone after throwing the kitchen sink at it, therefore making the area feel a bit more slick.

    Who knows, but itís clear there is still good protection leftover.

    I will check the beading sheeting again in a few when I wash the full vehicle, but I will be using my new Enigma Shampoo which in theory should reinforce anything that was degraded in the bird bomb area.

    More to come!
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    2015 BMW X5 M Exterior - Pinnacle correction and Angelwax protection

    Did my wash tonight, but opted against using Enigma Shampoo because I wanted a real look at the left over protection near the bird bomb. So I grabbed the last leave-nothing-behind car wash in my aresenal:

    Prior to washing I rinsed and compared the bird spot to the rest of the hood. Bird spot is definitely looking diminished during a full rinse.

    Washed the hood and rinsed again. The spot looked very degraded. Water would eventually sheet after about 90+ seconds, and the water did not permanently puddle up as if ALL protection was gone... but it was no longer up to Autopian standards:

    I wasnít looking forward to applying 1-2 coats of TI-22 (24 hours cure) and then 1-2 coats of Enigma (24 hours cure)... Sooo, I decided to replenish protection in the area with Enigma QED, which is more of a SIO2 maintenance spray than a short term QD.

    Beading was back after applying Enigma QED:

    And all done with todayís wash:
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