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Thread: Lexus ES300

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    Lexus ES300

    Oh fun.... my niece`s first vehicle, I hope she keeps it clean! I did enjoy working on this one though, its been a while since Iv`e done a detail that wasn`t a paid job... just care free, simple detailing, no stress of meeting expectations.

    • Wash - Meguiars Hyper soap
    • Clay bar - NanoSkin mitt
    • 1 step correction - Orange pad with Jescar compound, 2 step on the hood only
    • Protection - Carpro hydro2lite (has anyone noticed more streaking when you get towards the end of the bottle?)
    • Interior - meguiars APC at medium diliution and misc. brushes, finished with some type of leather conditioner

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    Re: Lexus ES300

    Well she should be happy! It really cleaned up! Glad you enjoyed doing it!!!
    Scott Harle
    Serving Naples and SW Florida
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    Re: Lexus ES300

    donbeezy- I really enjoyed this one! Your niece is a lucky gal..that`s a great car for her to have and you did a swell job of sprucing it up for her.

    I simply love Daily Driver details!
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    Re: Lexus ES300

    Wow disgusting arm rest!!! Great turn around!

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    Re: Lexus ES300

    Looks great. Hood could use some dr color chip. If you like I’ve seen dealers offer it as a service....

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