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    Off today and 60 out.


    Good wash and hit it with BF spray wax. Had a small sample bottle of it.
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    Re: Off today and 60 out.

    Yeah, we got to about 60F as well. Cars are scary dirty. We are still having major melting from all the snow early last week, but today put a good dent in it. Going to wait another day or two before I perform some cursory clean up. Roads are a wreck.

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    Re: Off today and 60 out.

    Lucky! Great weather, and truck’s looking sharp!

    I’m stoked to try and get at least the wife’s car cleaned up tomorrow, should be high 30’s here. Gotta run a hose around the house to hit the spigot that’s on. Thinking hook up the pressure washer for a BOSS foam wash with a Rinseless chaser in the garage... (cars are gross here too)



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