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    2018 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition - Raydiant Detail - Minor Correction

    Hi All,

    The 2018 GMC Sierra came to me from a referral. The truck has around 5000 miles on it and your usual dealership/ swirl-o-matic induced damage along with RIDS. Based on conversation with the owner and budget we decided on a one step to correct the paint. He may do a coating down the line.

    The process started with a rinseless wash with Optimum Power Clean to remove grime/ bugs etc. and ONR. I like this method as it saves me on the water side of things. Lately I am trying to be a bit more environmentally conscious with water usage. For Power clean I diluted it at 3:1 as per recommendations and used my IK5 foamer and it worked very well. I will add a video below showing it in action on the wheels/ tires. Power clean worked great at cleaning the wheels and tires and I was surprised how much it removed just by letting it dwell for a few minutes. My normal process is using Tuf Shine tire cleaner and then scrubbing 2 to 3 times before I start seeing white bubbles especially with the dealership gunk they apply. With the Power clean it cut down my steps a bit and saved me some time. Wheels took less agitation to clean as well.

    After cleaning the truck I did use Iron x and Gyeon Tar to remove any additional tar/ sap and followed up with a rinse from the hose to make sure I removed any remnants of Iron X and Gyeon tar before drying and decontamination.

    Claying was completed with Griots garage fast prep mitt and ONR at Clay Lube dilution.

    The truck bed was cleaned with ONR and protected with Optimum Spray Wax.

    Correction/ Finishing:

    After test spots I noticed the paint was quite soft and I was not getting a good finish with my usual one step process- S20 black and blue scholl spider pad. I tried a few different combinations and settled on Boss Perfecting Cream and Rupes Yellow Pad which got me the finish I was looking for. I ended up following up with Essence on a CarPro Gloss pads so in hindsight I could have just used the S20 and the blue pad for a bit more correction. I do find the essence application to be quick though as I really just use it to amp up the gloss and put down a light layer of SIO2 as opposed to correction work in this case.

    For added protection on top of Essence I used 2 coats of PA Rapidwaxx. I really enjoy using the PA products as I find a little goes a long way and the application is very easy with no streaking.

    Windows/ side mirrors were polished and sealed with Essence and I followed up with a spritz of Diver. I had never tried this on another car and this really got the windows clean. It`s probably one of my least favorite things to do detailing wise so I was glad with the outcome and it did not take much time at all. Ill probably do this going forward.

    All trim/ plastics were cleaned and dressed with Blackfire Trim and Tire. The Tires were also dressed with BF Trim and Tire.

    Wheels and wheel wells were protected with Gyeon Wet Coat.

    The interior got a spruce up as well. It was just covered in dust but had the sticky/gunky protection the dealership uses on the door panels and dash. I stripped everything with Power Clean and my VC75 steamer. All interior dash/ vinyl/ rubber etc was protected with 303. \

    A few before/ after shots. These are just after perfecting cream and rupes yellow pad:

    Finished shots:

    Showing my Mother-In-Law that reflection because she said the car looked really good after the wash/ decon and didnt get why it needed paint correction. I had to show her the truth. hehe.

    Walk around video:

    Optimum Power Clean/ IK5 Foamer video:

    Thanks for reading/ watching!
    Oh and please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel.
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