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    Re: Challenger 392 Shaker coated with CQuartz Professional

    looks beautiful. nice work

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoFast908Z View Post
    Some of my Challenger friends and clients have been asking to see some pics of their cars, so here`s one I did recently. Brand spankin new, just a couple hundred miles. Needed just light correction to fix the heavy texture and lack of clarity these new ones seem to be coming with straight from the factory. A little paint correction and boy did the gloss come out! The body and wheels were fully coated in 2 coats of CQuartz Professional ceramic coating. Wheels were pulled off the car and coated front to back, every square inch before IR curing and remounting. Many people ask if you can coat matte or satin wheels/spoilers/trim/hoods/vinyl, etc. Yes! You can and it looks great. Hope you like it!

    Upon arrival at the shop

    Dirty wheels about to be pulled off and cleaned and prepped for coating

    Tidying up the wheel wells while the wheels are off

    This is the texture almost every Challenger and Charger I`ve seen in the last 4 years seems to have. Its not orange peel. Its more like dye back. The good news is, there is a substantial increase in clarity and gloss to the paint when you correct this.

    After correcting it, much more clarity and gloss

    All done! Coated and cured and ready for the owner.

    Hope you enjoyed checking it out!
    Hello friends I am Cambodia my car u very good my name sothina


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