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Thread: Camaro ZL1

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    Camaro ZL1

    hello friends. lets get straight to the point. wash, clayed, 2 step compound and polish, wheels off service and coated.

    the wheels off service was a bummer, had some serious brake dust but turns out it had etched into the rim already. while trying 100 different products and methods and everything in the kitchen sink, nothing prevailed. the internet told me that this was a common issue with zl1 rims due thin/poor clear coat in tight areas. soooooo took the wheels off for nothing, sorta.... i still got the brake calipers done. live and learn.

    wash - meguiars hyper wash

    iron removal - poorboys new and strong stinking iron remover

    clay - medium nanoskin mitt

    compound - griots FCC on rupes 15/mini/nano, lake country MF pad

    polish - HD Polish on flex3401

    panel prep - carpro eraser

    coating - cquartz classic

    enjoy the pics!

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    Re: Camaro ZL1

    Nice work!

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    Re: Camaro ZL1

    Looks great

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    Re: Camaro ZL1

    I like that body style camaro much more than the newest ones. Great job!



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