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    This is the first write up for a vehicle done with the new Italian made machine, known as the Rupes. This will be a write up/ review for those interested in acquiring this machine. You pretty much couldn’t ask for a better testing ground than a huge chunk of American machinery, and it straight black to boot. This vehicle was just recently acquired by a great customer of mine. The truck was a disaster inside and out, way too many washes through the local whip and scratch, (next level up from the regular whip and swirl). There was also a large german shepherd that made it his daily limousine. The vehicle tood just shy of 14 hours to complete, it took almost as long for the interior as it did for the exterior. I also got to test out a few new to me Carpro offerings, one which should not be used on a Rupes, I will explain later.

    Stuff used

    Presta Sudzz

    Acid Free Wheel Cleaner

    Carpro Polyshave (made my life so much better on this beast.

    Rupes 21

    Megs MF finishing pads

    Rupes Polishing and finishing pads

    Optimum Car Wax

    Optimum Power clean, inside and out

    The start

    here’s the fender and door, two pass with Carpro Wool and foam pads, which minutes later blew up. Not a fit for this much throw, but finish was very good.

    Total lapsed time for the fender, 2 rounds of compounding, 12 minutes.

    Heres the door, this explains the condition of the vehicle much better, one pass with MF pads in the shiny areas.

    Here’s the Surbuf on the other fender 2 passes, 8 miuntes

    You can see a noticeable difference in the haze left behind, the surbuf cuts faster but then leaves you with more work to do afterwards. Time gains were last with the finishing

    Here’s a close up of the paint

    This is the passenger back quarter, something did some real damage here

    One pass with megs MF pads

    still the deep stuff remains

    2 passes

    getting there

    Ended up 3 passes to get out the damage, total time for the fender about 40 minutes, with polishing included.

    snapped a few reflection shots before I had to deliver the vehicle, I ran out of time or I would have shot more photos. I worked very late into the night getting this vehicle done as it was taken in on top of my booked days.

    And the reason the outside is so bright is because it was snowing, ya, the awful white stuff.

    Total polishing time, 7.5 hours including non rupes correction.

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    Great job man! What compound/polish did you use?

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    Thanks for doing this review Bryan. Looks like the Rupes certainly helped level this marred up paint pretty well.
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    Nice job. Very exciting to see what the Rupes can do.
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    I wish i had more time for pics, i finsihed the majority of this vehicle by 230 am the day before I had to deliver it. I had my TK11 out on it to check the marring and finishing and i got it dialed in in the end. I still have a lot to learn with DA correction in general, as I have almost 15 years with the rotary and only 3 playing with DA`s. Customer was thrilled inside and out as the inside was as bad as the outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by U-piter
    Great job man! What compound/polish did you use?
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    Huge improvement, looks amazing in the after shots!

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