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    These cars both belong to one of my best friends, he also has a 02 or 03 mustang bullitt (running with 190,000+ miles, we are currently working on building a motor for it. These were both polished with meguiars 205 (the 1970 finished with 3m ultrafina) and sealed up nice (it’s a secret) for the carshot at milford highschool. Which turned out almost 100 cars this year. The 1970 mach 1 clone won best in show  much to my suprize, there were many nicer cars there, but I guess the public likes what the public likes. I’m sure the fact that he graduated from Milford high and saw lots of old friends there at the show didn’t hurt either ha. No real order to these pics, didn’t take many pics throughout the process, just a few, mainly afters. Just some eye candy for everyone to enjoy.

    ^^^practically the only before I have, sorry, youll just have to take my word for the condition prior to the detail. Lots of water spot etching and slight haze from oxidation as pictured mainly on horizontal surfaces.

    Heres a 50 50 sort of, of one of his hood pins. The raised part is polished with surf city garages killer chrome

    And here’s the rest of the afters. \/ \/ \/

    That was the 1970, heres the cobra.\/\/\/

    I think silver is pretty hard to make really pop, but this turned out amazing, topped with optimum car wax.

    Heres my old civic in the reflections by the way.. I just started a wax test thread earlier today which I will be using this vehicle for. Please check it out “jdizzle’s winter wax test 2011”

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    Wow. Mustang madness! Very cool. Nice reflections!
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    Very nice cars! Well done.
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    I would take either one of them...but lean more towards the Mach...if my name doesnt give that away lol.

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    My cousin had a 1970 Mach I, his was blue - great car! Seeing your detail really brought back some great memories.

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    Great work.

    That Mach 1 was the first car I ever had. My high school ride. I beat the ever lovin` you-know-what out of it day after day.

    I miss the days when cars like that were actually driven....

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    Very nice, I want and I really don`t care which one



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