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    Re: Cars & Coffee Eye Candy

    Driveway extension is defiantly an option. It won’t match your current one though if that bothers you. Lol

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    Re: Cars & Coffee Eye Candy

    Quote Originally Posted by BudgetPlan1 View Post
    I think the answer is 1) Quit my job which eliminates the abusive commute and 2) Move to a warmer climate which removes winter from the equation.

    Problem solved!
    Winter tires can do wonders! Get that mustang.
    How about a GTI!? No one can argue that it’s impractical!
    Have you seen the Acura Sport Hybrids!? That’s Marysville Engineering!
    Oh, German cars are worth it. Fire up a M550i, every house ought to be able to listen to a German V8 alongside their American V8.

    Wait, I know, to really do it right, replace your Accord with a Ford Raptor!

    ...wait, maybe I’ve offered no help. But that’s what’s going through my head when my wife says “what are you thinking about?”

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