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    Say I use a couple of towels to remove some polish or wax. I then wash these towels using hot water and a double rinse. Would you use these towels again, but for interior purposes like for removing dust on the dash or on leather seats? I was wondering if I should use new towels for the fear of perhaps getting some polish or wax on the material that I`m using it on even though the towels have been washed?
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    I have never worried about the products not washing out and causing problems elsewhere. As long as they are visibly clean after the wash,Im mentally ready to use them at will.

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    Yea can use the towels again and again on the paint. Don`t wash with hot water, just warm is good enough. Liquid detergent, preferably with no fragrance. Good microfiber can be used and washed multliple times on your paint. I only use towels from PakShak on my paint.

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    I have cheaper MFs that I use for the interior and door jambs. My better MFs are used ONLY on the paint and exterior glass. Anywhere else, and it`s cheap MFs (wheels, upholstery, vinyl, glass cleaning...)

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    I think you should have certain MF towels for just on the paint surface of your car and other MF towels for everything else. Why take chances of scratching your paint, right? Oh yeah, don`t wash MF towels in hot water. Use either warm or cold. I prefer cold and then tumble dry for about 1.5 hours with no heat. They come out just like new.



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