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    Hi all--I could use some help designing a new detailing kit for my 1995 red 300zx. I`ve been reading over this forum for the past two hours and have pretty much experienced an information overload.

    What I would like is recommendations for a new kit and price estimates.

    In the past I had used Ibiz wax and clay magic bar.

    Right now I am really considering the Klasse twins.

    What else should I buy with my 10 year old red paint?

    1Z paint polish?

    A clay bar?

    Or should I consider a different route totally due to my paint color and desired durability (car is outside year round).

    Thanks guys. Please feel free to tell me everything that is necessary, I`m trying to take in loads of information here quickly.

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    :welcome to Autopia.

    Sort of depends on what condition your paint is in. The first thing you want to do is polish out as many defects as possible (swirls, minor scratches, etc.). What you use and how effective it will be depends on the paint condition and if you`ll be using a PC or doing it by hand.

    If Clay Magic has worked OK for you in the past there is no reason to change. 1Z is a good line of polishes, and the K twins offer good durability for a driver left out 24/7. Since the car is red you may want to put on a carnauba topper after you have a few coats of SG on there.

    Get some good MF towels and develop a good washing technique to minimize surface marring/swirls. Click on the LEARN icon at the top of the page to find some good tips.

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    What you MAY want to do is to make sure that the products you use are single stage paint friendly, i.e. I dont use too many harsh abrasives or too much buffing to wear the paint away being its 10 years old with a single stage.....Im ASSUMING that since its 10 years old that the paint is single stage.

    I have used the 1Z line Ultra Paint Polish and Paint Polish and from MY expierence, the Poorboys line up is much more user friendly either by hand or PC.

    AIO is great choice and has many uses for windows, wheels, etc.

    You can either go with SG or I know Zaino has a sealant specifically for single stage paint. (Dont know much about it, but i know they have one.)

    Good luck and just read lots and lots of thread through your search, you will become overwhelmed with knowledge!
    Refined Detailing

    Chris - Sole Proprietor

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    Try the klasse twins by themselves first, you`ll be amazed at what they can do on 10 yr old paint. Yes clay, clay magic is a nice set and the only clay I`ve used lately. I`d try clay-AIO-SG w/o polishing first. You can always come back and do the polishing route later. As for durabilty, Zaino and Klasse are consistantly the two best. You could also go AIO and Zaino but that would be about 15 to 20 dollars more. If you decide on Zaino you want to get 2 bottles of z2 and one ZFX. The reason is that ZFX preps about two bottles of Z2, and if you don`t buy two bottles you`ll be wasting some ZFX. I use p21s paint cleanser with Zaino personally buy I here AIO works too. And with old paint there`s nothing better than AIO as a paint cleaner. I don`t think that`s a single stage paint job but if it is abviously get the proper Zaino, but you still need ZFX.

    If you get a bulk clay bar get this detailing spray, it works great as a general QD and nothing is priced lower.
    A day without a scrub busting my chops is like a day w/o sunshine. :grinno:

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    Thanks for your help guys. I look forward to trying your suggestions.

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    I think if your doing it by hand the klasse aio is great but it will be harder to remove since the car hasnt been detailed like that in so long with a sealer. On mine I have a hard time removing klasse by hand and I end up removing it with a spray bottle of water and towel, or a spray bottle of meguiars qd. After that if it looks good then follow it with a carnauba wax to bring out the extra gloss. where do u live? i`m in south florida and the wax doesnt last long.

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    Red paint is notorious for oxidation. The Klasse twins work well for this problem. 1Z Polishes also work very well. Good luck.

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    Originally posted by Burlyq

    If you decide on Zaino you want to get 2 bottles of z2 and one ZFX. The reason is that ZFX preps about two bottles of Z2, and if you don`t buy two bottles you`ll be wasting some ZFX.
    If it`s a clear coat paint, Z2 should be fine. If it`s single stage, then use Z3.

    If you go the Zaino route, make sure that you get Z6 QD spray (great stuff) and Z7 car wash. Z7 is a good wash. Also, add 1 capfull of Z7 to 18oz of water in a spray bottle and you have a great, cheap clay lube. In the same order, add Zaino clay (pliable, easy to work and reasonable cost).





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