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    I don`t really understand what all the different products do. I have always just used the Zaino Z1, Z5, and Z2. Then I top it off with the Z6. If I go pro, Zaino is not the product I plan to use. They require a lot of time.

    What is a good polish (what is it designed to do)

    What is a glaze (what is it designed to do)

    I basically want to know what kind of products I will need from buffing out deep scratches, removing swirls, deep shine, etc and their function.

    I think you guys get the picture of what I am asking. Please help.

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    Loaded question BS.....(no pun intended)

    Youve asked the same question all of us have, at one point or another, and truthfully, were still learning. Every yr, theres a new barage of products, some make it to Autopia testing grounds, some get trashed immediatley due to speculation. Your own testing is synonomous with your own success.

    Polishes rejuvinate, restore, revive, and remove. To expand, they make the paint purddy! I`ll mention some i use; Megs #80, 83, SSR1, SSR2, (SSR3 occasionaly), 3M SMR, Vanilla Moose hand wax glaze, Blackfire/Platinum (Fourstar) maintenance polishes aka paint cleaners. Stuf Polish, better than average maintenance polish, has some real cleaning/cutting ability. Klasse AIO (cleaner/protectant). These are some of what I carry and use on a regular basis.

    Glazes are used to temporarily add gloss and depth to paint, as well as fill minute surface scratches. Some, like Vanilla Moosewax Hand Glaze also contains minor abrasives, which will remove deadpaint (oxidation) minor swirls and scratches, and provide a little filling properties. Some I use, Vanilla Moose, 3M IG, 3M SMR (which also has a filler in it).

    Hope this has helped a little!
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    ~One man’s opinion / observations~

    Machine Polishing (compounding) refers to defect removal, abrading away the top paint or clear coat layer to remove a swirl, scratch or water spot. This is accomplished using an abrasive polish (often called a compound) and a foam or wool pad with cutting power.

    Polishing restores surface gloss and prepares the surface for the final wax or sealant. Polishing is done after compounding to remove compounding haze but can be done anytime to restore surface gloss, remove existing wax or sealant coatings and visually reduce minor swirls. Many different polishes are available. Some are nonabrasive and some have mild abrasives (to remove fine swirls and spider-webbing). Polishing pads typically have a mild "cut" that offers gentle cleaning without creating surface haze.

    Glazing or finessing is a step used by professionals and show car owners to obtain maximum light reflection and/or liquidity. Glazes are typically polishes without any cleaning ability. They will "wet" the surface with oils to maximize surface gloss and may contain fillers to hide minor defects not removed by polishing. Glazing is done after polishing but before applying the final wax or sealant. Glazing pads are softer than polishing pads, typically having no or almost no cleaning or cutting ability.

    Finishing refers to applying the last step product (LST) final wax or paint sealant. Finishing pads are the softest of all foam pads. They should almost float over the surface. Finishing pads have no cutting or cleaning power. They can also be used to build up layers of wax or apply one sealant on top of another. Waxes and sealants are typically applied by machine and buffed by hand using a Micro fibre buffing Cloth.

    ~Hope this helps~

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    Look on There is a ton of different polish/waxes in one place!
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