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    First off, I need a real strong andlong lasting wax for my car, any suggestions ? Some of my leather is discolored, I heard of using shoe cream/polish to recover the color. Won`t the shoe polish stain cloths when I sit on the seats ? I want my car to maintain my car looking with that "just waxed" look, how is this possible. I have a stain on my trunk which will not come off, it looks like a splash of something, it is not raised or anything, how can I remove this. Also on the rear bumper there are a few spots of dark gray what I am guessing is paint (my car is gray), how can I get these off ? Those are it for now thanks to anyone who replys

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    Almost forgot, I am using Meguiars hot shine tire spray, how can I stop if from smearing of and creating white lines across my tires ?

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    Let`s see...

    Long lasting wax- Look into Collinite and Meguiar`s #16 (waxes) and Klasse SG and Zaino (sealants).

    The leather- *Don`t use shoe polish* because it *will* stain clothing! Look into Leatherique (sp?) and, uhm, I can`t remember the name of the other one There are some things you can try, do a bit of searching if nobody else rings in.

    Keep it looking "newly waxed" by waxing frequently ( ) or using a good QD after you wash. The products listed under "Long lasting", above, will look good for a long time.

    Stain on trunk- Try (in this order) clay, a paint cleaner (like AIO, Sonus, or Pinnacle PCL), a polish with mild abrasives (such as 1Z PP, 3M PI-III MG).

    Spots on bumper- Same as above (or, if you feel lucky, try your fingernail, but *I* probably wouldn`t try that).



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