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    A woman my wife works with want me to clay,polish,seal her 98 firebird.She`s gonna wash it before she brigs it i wont to do that.I will clay it then polish with DACP and the seal with nxt.This will be with a PC.

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    i guess charging some one depends on your experience. I know professional detail shops will charge up the *** to do that. But sometime i can get by doing it for like $80 but that may be me your going to get a lot of answers on a thread like this. But it all comes down to the type of client you have and what the markets like in that area good luck .

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    $50-$80 and that should include dressing all exterior trim + tires
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    Originally posted by smokeum

    I will clay it then polish with DACP and the seal with nxt.This will be with a PC.

    You may need an intermediate polish step. Can`t always get away with going form DACP to LSP.
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    You probably could if you used a polishing pad, not cutting. I think in most cases this works....



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