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    I know this may be a silly question, but I`ll ask anyway since the search hasn`t quite helped.

    I waxed my suv yesterday, drove it to work, while at work, it rained. Now, its time to go home, the roads are completely dry.

    Can I just use QD when I get home since I haven`t actually driven in the rain or is that not recommended.

    Just my luck, I take all this time, no rain in forecast for the next 5 days and of course, IT RAINS!

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    This is what it looked like BEFORE THE RAIN lol

    Using NXT, and loving it though hard to tell with silver...
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    Good question. Anybody? I guess looking really close will help you see if you got good amounts of dust or dirt. Wish I knew.

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    The QD with the most cleaning power that I`m aware of ,sorta like a waterless wash in a spray bottle, is Poorboy`s Spray and Wipe. I`ve never used it but I do see a lot of positive feeback about it, apparently it doesn`t scratch as well. Otherwise, perhaps some QEW in a spray bottle, wash with mitt(s), but you would probably want to haul around a bucket of water with you at least to rinse out the mitt(s) with or have plenty of quality mfs with you, stop using them as soon as they look dirty
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