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    OK, I keep getting some micromarring, very very faint swirls in the finish, from washings I believe.


    two bucket method

    Zymol, Z7, or Meg Crystal wash

    WalMart Sheepskin Mit (turtle wax I believe)

    Top of the Line big blue microfibers for drying

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    I find the Turtle Wax sheepskin mitt to be a little bit on the coarse side. Maybe try a different brand or a Chenile mitt. I actually have the best luck with simply a MF mitt...

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    The same here. I use MF wash mitts and don`t get marring.

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    I`ve been noticing the same and I think it might be my big blues.... they arnt near as soft as they were when I bought them.... they`ve gotten course feeling, and feel like they drag over the paint no matter how slick it is.

    I`m going to move them to wheel drying and get the grey versions... which I read are much softer than the blues
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    MF`s are washed with liquid all, double rinse, and dryed on low heat setting
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    I`ve never used the TW sheepskin mitts; are they synthetic or natural sheepskin (I seem to recall a post saying they were synthetic, but I`m not 100% positive)? I use the Eurow sheepskin mitts from Walmart ($5.00) and have had no problems at all. They are natural sheepskin and work great.

    I`m leery about using MF anything to wash with, as the nap isn`t very deep. This could cause dirt to stay in the fibers and be rubbed across the paint. Some people seem to have good luck with them, though.

    When drying, do you rub the towel across the paint, pull it across, or blot? I do a mix of pulling and blotting, and have no marring from it (and this is using 100% cotton towels).

    Also, in your part of Louisiana, do you get hard, tiny little "dots" that resemble a fine mist on your paint? I get that bad here in NE Louisiana, and have concluded it is tree sap (best guess I could come up with, unless millions of bugs are doing a #2 all over my car). I usually mix my wash a little on the stronger side to help remove this without marring my paint. This stronger wash doesn`t seem to affect my protection (Meg`s #26 in the past, Meg`s #20 now).

    Hope this helps.


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    LouisanaJeeper- Besides the other ideas already posted, you might consider:

    -A slicker shampoo

    -Running wash solution THROUGH the mitt with a siphon feed or a shower-foam gun

    -A Last Step Product that "sheds dirt" better during the wash

    -Washing before dirt builds up to the point that it "doesn`t just rinse off"

    Those`re just some ideas that come to mind, not any slams at what you`re doing now.

    And I too am finding my BBTs are getting a little coarse feeling...I believe there`s a product out made specifically FOR washing MFs. Supposed to solve problems like this.

    I`ve been just blotting with the blue ones and doing any wiping with the (softer) gray ones.

    OR, just by new WWs from time to time. Yeah, it`s money, but towels are ANOTHER "renewable resource", unlike your paint.



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