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    Ok... My dads 93 Black Lexus does not have clear coat... are there any concerns when working with a non clear coated car vs a clear coated one..

    The process I was going to try this weekend is:

    Clay -

    DACP with PC

    SMR with PC

    and S100 with PC

    The car is in really, really bad shape... he washes it like once a month and it hasnt been polished/waxed in 3 years or more.

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    No difference. Remember that clearcoat is basically paint with no pigment. IOW, its the same stuff and the same tools and products can be used.
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    Yeah, what bretfraz said :xyxthumbs The single-stage on the Lexus is NOT all that different from basecoat/clears (it`s NOT like the "old" single-stages on older cars).

    It *IS*, however, sorta thin compared to older ss paints, so DON`T get overly aggressive and cut through it. You`re gonna get some pigment transfer onto your pads, so don`t about THAT, but, especially on abused black cars, you gotta know when to say "good enough". So go easy/careful with the DACP.



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