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    I know that it can cause your car to rust, but what parts? Should i be worried about cleaning the wheel wells off with salt on it, or just the actual paint?
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    Salt will take your wax off and I believe it`ll also make the paint oxidize quicker.

    The main thing is not the actual outside painted parts but everywhere else. The underbody will get covered with salt and start to rust. Salty water can also fling into the engine compartment and cause parts in the compartment to rust. Salty water will run into every nook and cranny of your vehicle.

    You might want to get a pressure washer to aid in cleaning. A pressure washer for washing will help out a lot! You can use it to blast the underbody clean and wheel wells. It helps while doing the engine compartment and when you wash your vehicle you`ll be able to rinse it off quicker and you`ll use less water. You can also use the pressure of the water to wash a lot of dirt off the vehicle before you begin to touch it with a wash mit. You`ll also be able to get water between trim easier to help wash out salt from it.
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