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    Hi, I`ve read a lot of threads where people have restored their headlights from these old cloudy things being crystal clear.

    Well, I have a slightly different problem, I have a new Matrix with a clear lexan headlight (what car does not now a days)... is there anything I can apply to the headlight to help cut down on the fine scratches and cloudyness that would eventually set in?

    Should I wax it with my canubra wax (would that cause it to go yellow/cloudy) or should I get a plastic polish for it (will that protect it or just polish out some plastic??)



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    maybe if u wax it with carnuba.. it wont last very long cause the headlight is exposed to a fair bit of heat.

    maybe a good quality synthetic wax could help shield it from the elements and be more durable

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    I have lexan headlight covers on my car as well. I clean them with Plexus (the stuff works incredibly well) and coat them with AIO/SG. Time will tell how well they hold up (my car is only 3 months old)

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    The aftermarket clear headlight covers I added to my car have held up quite well for about 2 years. They still look like new. My fog-driving lights have X-Pel on them and it too seems to be holding up well. I would have used the X-Pel on the headlights, but I heard that applying the stuff to compound curves can be a real challenge. I like easy.


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    If you do get Xpel, make sure you read their website first, as it has excellent instructions. That was my only complaint. The instructions that came with it sucked. I have fairly curvey, long lights, and I didn`t think I could pull the material off once it was on, so I ended up with some air bubbles that were very hard to get out. Anyway, it turns out you can pull it off without hurting the adhesive, so you can keep trying, or just keep pulling back parts until you get rid of the air bubbles. I wished I`d known that at the time... However, I`m pretty happy with the stuff on my headlights and fogs. There are still a few tiny bubbles, but it`s better than a lot of tiny chips.



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