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    Help, my car sits out in the blazing sun all day. What steps can i take to make sure my brand new interior doesn`t look 10 years old after 1 year. I have already put a couple of coats of zaino on. How often should i condition the leather? Should i condition the steering whell too.


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    Please try a search, these issues have been discussed many times before. Thanks.
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    Well, you could get your windows tinted at the local tint shop, should cost 40.00 a window and it really helps. From there get those early 1990`s shades that unfold and put them in your front windsheild AND your rear while leaving the windows cracked an inch or so.

    It won`t turn your car into an igloo but it sure will help.

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    OK, I gotta ask. Is there something in place of the "early 1990s shades"?

    Your best bet would be to keep the direct sunlight off, the shades mentioned above have got to be the best (or a product that does the same thing). I put Z-10 on my front seats every week (rear has light tint on it). I use just a little, many might feel this is too much, I do not. Unfortunately I can`t say I have been using it for a long time so I do not have long term results. I also use it on my steering wheel.

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    I strongly recommend purchasing one of those foldable sun shades that you stick in your front windshield. They block pretty much all the sun that shines into your windshield...keeping your seats cool. I have one of these and wouldn`t be without one if I parked outside all day.

    As mentioned before, tinted windows for the sides also helps a lot!



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