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    Re: Suggestions for What to Use for Blow Drying Vehicles after a 2-Bucket Wash

    Master blaster dual motor 8hp

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    Re: Suggestions for What to Use for Blow Drying Vehicles after a 2-Bucket Wash

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
    Silly Rabbit:
    Thanks for getting back with model number of your EGO leaf blower. The 650 model is the one I am considering because of its good reviews (best value in a EGO blower) and the fact it is on sale now at Ace hardware for about $250 for a base unit. The short, stubby air extension with a foam rubber banded end for scratch protection that seems to be designed expressly for drying/blowing off cars and would replace the longer OEM leaf-blowing extension is NOT included. I have no idea what that would cost. For me, it this EGO leaf-blower sounds like a logical choice. BUT my fiscally-responsible other half is not "exactly" enamored with this leaf-blower choice and she has "250" good reasons for not allowing this purchase. Some how this leaf blower purchase process is like the Federal House and Senate Democrats and Republican representatives trying hash out an agreement to have a Federal budget so the government (IE, my vehicle washing) can be funded and operate . (don`t tell her I said that that!! Yes, I can imagine a lot of you "other half personal relationship of either-sex" (politically correct about personal relationships these days) Autopians can relate to this on several fronts concerning items you wish to purchase)

    As far as the water-dribble sheeting thing to get more of the water off the vehicle before towel drying it, no, that sounds like too much work and effort; Run to the outside wall spigot (shut-off hose bib valve), turn it off, run BACK to the hose by the vehicle, detach the spray nozzle from the male hose bib, run BACK to the spigot, turn it on, run BACK to the vehicle and pick up the hose and douse off the entire vehicle SLOWLY with water, run BACK to the spigot and turn off the water, run BACK to the hose and reattach the spray nozzle, run BACK to the spigot, turn it on, because I am going to use the spray nozzle to clean out the wash media later. Somewhere in this "process" I probably should have purchased a shut-off fitting to attach to the male hose fitting to take the place of the spray nozzle to control the amount of water trickling over the vehicle as needed, No it ain`t gonna happen. I get tired just typing out the sequential steps in this water-trickle rinsing process, let alone actually DOING this. I must be getting old(er)! (ANOTHER title for Captain Obvious: Cranky Senior Citizen)
    I will say the Blowerband end piece is a worthwhile piece if your using it for car detailing. I have had the tip touch here and there while drying, so it was nice having the tip on the end. Accidents happen, nice to have a buffer between those accidents. Up here they are $19 CDN and around $50 CDN for the stubby. I like them, make the Ego that much nicer for drying a vehicle.

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    Re: Suggestions for What to Use for Blow Drying Vehicles after a 2-Bucket Wash

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
    NO, I do not have an electric air compressor and tank assembly in my garage, so an Air Wand or similar device using such compressed air power is not in the offing..
    Note that the AirWand (which I use at every wash) connects to a leaf blower, not a compressor.


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