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    Ceramic Coating and PPF Do`s and Don`ts?

    Hi everyone,

    I recently bought a different car and it came with much of it covered with PPF and a 4-6 coating from SB3 Coating Alpha.

    I was a real skeptic of both products prior to this, but even with the ceramic being applied almost 6 years ago the difference I see in water beading and surface contaminant resistance is amazing to me. I`ve yet to see bird poop or anything else stick or cause etching or water spots.

    So with that said I`m a total newbie to maintaining this finish (and the PPF) so I have some dumb questions to ask.

    I know I obviously still need to wash the car regularly, use proper washing techniques, avoid brushed automatic car washes, and do NOT apply polish or wax to it.

    What I`m wondering though is what general detailing products are SAFE to use on the car?

    As a rule of thumb if it`s "paint safe" is it also "ceramic safe" and safe for the PPF?

    Is Bug and Tar remover going to remove or degrade the ceramic coating?

    How about Ceramic Coating on wheels? Are normal wheel cleaners safe on ceramic coated wheels?

    And what if I want to remove it at some point?

    What do I need to use then?

    An APC?

    A Wipe Away Paint Prep?

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    Re: Ceramic Coating and PPF Do`s and Don`ts?

    You are new to me, so Welcome !
    Congrats on the new car !

    I have had the best results using only this product to wash Coated vehicles, including my own -- CarPro Reset Soap -- CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo

    I would never use any chemical bug and tar remover on my paint or PPF... It may remove your coating, and I don`t know how the clear bra coating will react to it, so I never, ever, use it...

    Yes, a Coating can be applied to wheels, use the same soap I mentioned for cleaning them..

    For your specific coating, perhaps look it up or ask the people who applied it how to remove it.

    I just polish the surface with something like Optimum Hyper Polish to lightly correct and remove the coating when it`s time -- Optimum Hyper Polish Spray

    The best thing anyone can do to their paintwork once it has been corrected, coated, etc., is to only wash it with a great soap like the one I mention, blow dry it as much as possible, and absolutely stop touching it unless you have to...

    Good luck with your new ride !!
    Dan F



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