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    Re: How has your approach to detailing changed as you`ve gotten older/wiser?

    Desertnate- Heh heh, once I got Accumulatorette used to Autopian-level Detailing, she developed a very critical eye, and she takes great pride in how nice her `00 A8 still is. When we look at new vehicles in showrooms, she`s usually the one to comment on how marred up they are. She once asked a Porsche salesman "who would buy a mess like that?!?" about a six-figure car they thought looked great.

    Heh heh..."black vehicles" Yukon XLD was a metallic black ("granite" or somesuch). OK, the metallic will be forgiving, right?

    Nope. It merely concealed the marring under some conditions, which made my inspection challenging when chasing holograms (left by an Pro, who used to post here, he`s *NOT* a hack. That`s what I get for paying somebody to do my work for me). Stuff that "doesn`t show" did at times and I couldn`t stand it. I get enough of that with the dark blue `93 Audi (over-corrected to where it`s now stupid-soft). I can keep `em OK, but it`s not fun, so the Yukon got sold (and I`m careful with that Audi).

    The one color on which I can stand (very minor) marring is white, and only if that`s kept clean and very shiny. And sooner or later I always end up fixing that anyhow.
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    Re: How has your approach to detailing changed as you`ve gotten older/wiser?

    To all Autopians:
    My sincere apology for getting off-topic and making my comments/adding "fuel to the fire" about the Sig Sauer versus Glock gun controversy. So much for my feeble and hypocritical attempt to keep this a detailing-centric forum!!!

    What were we talking about?? Oh yes; getting wiser about detailing as we get older. Back to the topic discussion at hand.

    (And keep your off-topic/topic hijacking comments to yourself, Captain Obvious, and we will all be the better for it. JUST SAYIN`, as you say...
    Yeah, right; like THAT is ever going to happen!!!
    Say something (wrong), and then apologize; say something, then apologize.. we see a trend here.. Are you SURE you are an Obsessive-Compulsive Detailer , and not a politician, Captain Obvious? Because you sound (and act) like a politician! Just sayin`...)
    GB detailer

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    Re: How has your approach to detailing changed as you`ve gotten older/wiser?

    50+ years ago I used Pledge on the tires after a scrub with Comet and a SOS pad. Kit wax was it for me
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