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    Approach for a new daily driver?

    So I recently picked up my new dark gray Porsche Macan and am trying to figure out my best approach for protecting it for daily driver use. My first thought was to apply a ceramic coating, but after reading about the challenges of avoiding and removing high spots, Iím thinking this isnít the car I want to learn on. Iím considering paying a professional to do the work, but Iím really a hands-on guy, not to mention still mentally recovering from the check I wrote to get the car. My current plan is to use the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating as an easy to use, effective coating. Any thoughts? Cancoat is another option I considered, but it seemed a bit less fool-proof in application.

    Iím thinking to just use the Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep ahead of the spray coating application and skip a prep polish. When I inspect the paint with an LED flashlight, itís near perfect to my eyes. No sign of scratches or swirls. If I find it looking different after the Paint Prep I would reconsider, but with whatever the dealer used for delivery, itís looking good now and Iím concerned I could do more damage than good. Iíve got a Griotís polisher that I used with some success to clean up my wifeís silver Lexus, but thatís the extent of my experience with paint correction.

    Coming from a BMW, I know how much work goes into keeping wheels clean of brake dust, so Iím thinking of putting a real coating on these. For this Iím thinking Gyeon Q2 Rim, or possibly Stance. Again, any thoughts or guidance? The front brake calipers appear to have a non-painted matt finish that Iíve seen really degraded on used Macans (guessing these donít like harsh wheel cleaners), so protecting these are a priority as well.

    Looking for any advice on approach or products from the many experienced members on the forum. Iíve learned a ton reading here already. Thanks!
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    Re: Approach for a new daily driver?

    Cancoat is a great option. I would also consider Optimum Gloss Coat. They just improved it and it`s among the easiest coatings to use.
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    Re: Approach for a new daily driver?

    Congrats on the new Porsche !

    What have you learned from reading here ??

    The most important thing to learn and do successfully with any coating, is to apply thin, even, coats... You have to get your hands to learn how to do this.
    You absolutely need the best lighting from overhead and the sides to - see - what you are applying through the entire process, in order to apply thin, even coats..

    You will be able to see any high spots easily with really great lighting, and fix them before you move on to the next part of the panel..

    Perhaps find a vehicle and apply something liquid to it and see if you have the ability to apply thin, even coats, over a long section, and see how you do, before you go to all the expense of coating your vehicle?

    Good lighting, patience, discipline, in making your hand go across a panel at the same pressure and height, over and over, is all it takes to do this..

    I have all my Clients and my personal vehicles wheels, cleaned and coated to help keep brake dust down and much more easier to remove.

    And they drive all the German, British, and Italian marques, so they are very familiar with brake dust..

    Good luck with this !
    Dan F
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