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    This darn “sport” fabric - like a backpack material

    Hello all

    I’ve been struggling every time I need to clean seats made from this black (backpack material is the best way to describe it) cloth or the new style of “flat” fabric in general. I miss the old stuff that actually had nap. Today’s suspect was a 2011 corolla. No matter what I do, the dirty spots show back up when it dries. Used woolite and a horsehair brush (always have amazing results) and I even built an extractor this morning with a garden sprayer and an Upholstry attachment (works very well)but still, dirty spots show back up when dry. Not the case with the carpet, just these modern sport fabric Seats

    Advice would be greatly appreciated


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    This darn “sport” fabric - like a backpack material

    If it’s “water spots” from cleaning, I know the way to avoid this on microsuede type furniture is to clean them with alcohol. I’m talking about 91% isopropyl. It’s mineral free & 100% volatile.

    Of course, if the stain isn’t coming out - the stain isn’t coming out. Then you have to try a different stain remover. I’m no professional, but what works pretty well for me is a scoop of Oxy Clean dissolved in 16oz of DI water. Seems to work better than most APCs or carpet cleaner type products alone.
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    Re: This darn “sport” fabric - like a backpack material

    Folex has been my go to for seats with this type fabric. Chevy Trucks, Impreza once and I know there have been a couple more but cant remember which vehicles.

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    Re: This darn “sport” fabric - like a backpack material

    I use Spot Shot Carpet and fabric Stain Remover by WD-40. Think of it as the lubricant WD-40 without the fish smell for cleaning oil or tar (petroleum) stains.

    My go-to cleaner on both carpets and seat fabrics has been Optimum Polymer Technology`s Carpet and Fabric Cleaner and Protectant used full strength (normal cleaning is diluted 3:1). Works on MOST stains, but like Swanicyouth said, a set-in stain is a stain.

    I have the same type of problem mentioned by the OP on the black nylon/polyester material on a headrest and seat bolsters of a 2015 Ford Taurus. It is always present no matter what I have done, albeit faintly and you need to know where and how to look for it. I think it is from suntan lotion.

    Yes, I know steam-cleaning is probably the BEST way to clean fabric and carpets and remove stains.
    Here`s a link for those of you who think YOU have an impossible interior stain problem:
    GB detailer
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