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    Re: Run/drip marks on tires?

    Okay, 3D Yellow 103? To get them “incredibly” clean before applying the other?

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    Re: Run/drip marks on tires?

    Tuf Shine cleaner is a popular cleaner and does a very good job because coatings need an incredibly clean tire. Another really good cleaner that was mentioned recently is 303 Tire and Rubber. I’d also recommend the Tuf Shine tire brush as a very effective cleaning brush though you might need a slightly larger stiff brush for your large tires. Dressings don’t need such a clean tire as a coating but would probably last longer on a really clean tire. And these cleaners need to be used multiple times until they don’t brown and stay white. Also, new tires are still off gassing chemicals and may not take dressings well but that usually improves over time.

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    Re: Run/drip marks on tires?

    I like the 303 T&R slightly better than TufShine. Either will do.... get a drill brush.

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    Re: Run/drip marks on tires?

    For a thread reference on matte-finish tire gels, please see:

    I use Optimum Polymer Technologies` Opti-Bond Tire Gel after reading the suggestions in the referenced thread.
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