It depends on the car, and what`s needed.

In my little operation I see a lot of daily drivers. That means a lot of one steps, or cleaner wax type services, and the occasional heavy correction/polish/protect.

But last summer I started helping out at a shop that does a lot of high end correction/coatings on a lot of high end imports, like Lambos, Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley, etc, etc. The owner tends to give me the more distressed / critical cases, because that is where my interests lie.

We get everything to new cars in really good shape, new cars trashed by the dealership, , driven cars in great shape, driven cars absolutely trashed. The time varies from case to case. The more messed up a car is, and the more they want done to it, the longer it`s going to take. A lot of my corrections there take about three or four eight hour days. But you have to remember that the guy paying me, is paying for as perfect as possible. He expects that it`s going to take as long as it takes. It`s not a production facility in the grand scheme. He charges a pretty high price.

So it`s all about adjusting for me.