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OK....so now I am second guessing my thoughts on using KAIO. I personally don`t think I need all that much correction, but i would hate to waste my time..
Ah, you and I are on the same page, that`s what I`m trying to head off too.

Thoughts on what i should use instead of KAIO?
Some people get enough correction out of some AIOs that you might consider that, though I`ve *never* had them do anything significant for me.

Eh, without seeing/experimenting I think I`d just plan to do a two-step correction with the aggressive step maybe reserved for the marring that`s obvious and the lighter follow-up for the whole car. Easy for me to spend your time, but at least it wouldn`t be *wasting* your time. And I`m considering that the GG6 (which I have/use/like) is a very mild machine that I myself find frustratingly slow for any kind of significant correction. DO NOT overestimate how "easy" that polisher will make this job Sorry, I know that`s not good news.