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    Recommendations - New Fabric Convertible Top

    I`ve been saving up to get Jen a new car for awhile for her birthday. Got lucky with this local car that`s been sitting in the showroom for a long long time:

    2020 F-Type Supercharged 6-Cylinder

    So far its got a full PPF, and today was the first wash.

    This is my first red car, and first convertible. I typically do a quick 2000 psi powerwash and wipe down with waterless wash in between drives. What should I be doing to maintain the top? Right now I`ve got some good beading, and I doubt it will spend many nights outside unless we`re on vacation and I can pawn my kids off on someone...
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    Re: Recommendations - New Fabric Convertible Top

    Nice F-type. Do they still oversteer like the early F-Types?

    how i clean and do things with my convertible top. Is probably a bit different than most. I anymore treat it like paint on the car. Being that i go lest aggressively as possible, and only clean as necessary. I`m a believer in 303 fabric protectant, unless the car spends lots of time outside with the top up. Then i would recommend ragg top, because i know it has uv protection in it. To clean it i use 303 convertible cleaner. I work it in with a really good quality 4" flag tip paintbrush. I have used the raggtop brush. I think its to stiff unless you have a neglected top. I worry about it wearing the stitching over time. I find that most of my washes i just rinse off the topp with the hose nozzle. Of course a lot of time it sits as yours is in the picture. With the top down, and covered. I know others do use a pressure washer with reasonable precautions. I`ve seen more than one top with marks from pressure washing. So i just don`t take the risk.
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    Re: Recommendations - New Fabric Convertible Top

    Congrats on a beautiful Jag-U-ar, as they say in the UK..

    Have Detailed perhaps 100 convertibles in the Pacific Northwest, and always used RaggTopp Cleaner and Conditioner with excellent results..
    On many, I have carefully cleaned, pressure rinsed, and extracted the tops.

    The RaggTopp products have always left the tops a richer color, and they bead like crazy, which is what you want in the Pacific Northwest..

    Once I Detailed a Mini Cooper Convertible with RaggTop products, that was then shipped to Florida from the PNW..

    The vehicle above it on the truck leaked oil onto the newly cleaned, conditioned, top on the trip!!!
    The Client frantically called; I told him to carefully wash and rinse the top, and the oil came right off..
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    Re: Recommendations - New Fabric Convertible Top

    Gtechniq has been alot longer lasting for me than 303. Got 7-8 months strong and still beads somewhat. Haven’t tried raggtop protectant.

    To prep I used the raggtop brush (get it) and Griots Convertible cleaner.

    Google the Gtechniq fabric and watch how it sheets water.

    Lastly my cars a daily and garaged at night. I live in washington so bombarded with rain and held up strong. Check it out

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