Today, I started topping this hood with one of my favorite waxes, and it got me thinking, as I always do: While I enjoy topping with wax, am I wasting my time? More importantly, is the wax a detriment to my layer(s) of sealant? We need a test!

I buffed out this 2007 BMW hood using Griots Fast Corecting Cream on LC Yellow then Menzerna 2500 on LC Hydro Orange. Very liberal use of CarPro Eraser.

The Sealant:
Soft99 The King Of Gloss, machine-applied with LC Black on speed 2, two coats spaced about 10 hours apart.
This is a medium-hard-to-use paste sealant with great hydrophobicity, great shine, and good longevity. Machine application makes it easier, because you want to use thin coats. This is a very popular sealant in England and no doubt it`s home Japan, but I am unsure of it`s availability at this time.

The Wax:
Dodo Juice Obi-Dan Karnubi`s Chockwork Orange. Applied by hand, one coat. Applied about 15 hours after the last sealant coat.
This is a joyful smelling, easy-to-use wax, and it`s a gloss monster. I love it, and this is my second 100ml "tin". It is oily (although no more than P21S) and is very slow to haze. As most of you know, this is a "private label" wax sold by Dodo Juice. This has been on the market for at least 5 years, but this tin is fresh from the Dodo last week, so it`s still available.

The Idea:
Do the entire hood with sealant, then top one-half of this hood with wax over the sealant, and see which side appears to last longer. Does the wax "help" longevity by being a true sacrificial layer on top of the much harder synthetic sealant? Or, did the "solvent effect", along with my rubbing on the paint, destroy some of the sealant?

Stay tuned. I`ll post beading pics soon.