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    CQuartz UK: Did I Do Something Wrong

    Last weekend I polished my car to make sure I removed any remains Optimum Gloss Coat. I then went about applying Cquartz UK, I was a little rushed but I thought I followed the directions. Seemed fairly easy to remove, when I was done and pulled the car out into the sunlight I noticed quite a few spots that were splotchy or hazy, almost like all the product didn`t get removed. I went over the spots again with a MF and it looked much better. So, what did I do wrong? I thought I let the product flash before removing but it`s always kind of heard to tell. It was about 55 degrees when I applied, typically how long should it take to flash at that temp? Are we talking a minute or so, or something longer?

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    Re: CQuartz UK: Did I Do Something Wrong

    Sounds like high spots. Essentially excess coating that was not removed during the wipe off process. You can polish those areas and re-coat.

    Temperature and humidity will affect a coatings flash time.
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    Re: CQuartz UK: Did I Do Something Wrong

    CQUK is a heavy coating, I like to work with a lot of microfibers for removal especially if I’m working around the entire car. Work your 3x3ft section and buff off after a minute, using a fresh side of the microfiber for that initial removal for each section, and working with a fresh side of a separate microfiber to give it that final wipe down before going over to the next spot. Utilize that light source and confirm the residuals are taken care of before moving to the next spot. If you’re doing this and you’re still having problems, then it’s time to adjust how long you allow it to dry before buffing off, or you could be working on finicky paint that doesn’t want to accept the coating as well as other paint systems. I also like to swap out the suede applicator every few sections to make sure I don’t have partially curing coating in the applicator that’s contaminating my fresh drops when moving on to a new section.
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    Re: CQuartz UK: Did I Do Something Wrong

    Ok, i`m going to try it on a different car in a week or two. We`ll see how it goes.



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