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    Gtechniq CSL/EXO: Maintenance between coatings?

    Hi All, what is the best way to maintain CSL/EXo coatings? I usually use c2v3 but it doesn`t last all that long. Is there anything else I could use to shine up the coating? Would a si02 coating help or waste time?

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    Re: Gtechniq CSL/EXO: Maintenance between coatings?

    The benefit of it being a spray sealant is that you can use it as often as you like. So longevity should not be a big deal. I suspect what you are seeing is that Exo is shedding it off sooner which is not a bad thing. Means the coating is doing it`s job.

    GTechniq refers to their products as having ceramic. Ceramic is the typical term for SiO2.

    An interesting thing is that GTechniq does not list C2v3 as a maintenance product but rather a form of protection. It was popular to use with C1 before CSL+Exo came along. It can be diluted down to be used as a drying aid.

    They do list their quick detailer as a maintenance product and it does work well together with CSL + Exo.

    Per the GTechniq site

    QD can be sprayed directly onto paintwork, trim or glass and buffed using a Gtechniq MF1 ZeroR Microfibre. It is fully compatible with all Gtechniq coatings and can be layered to boost gloss, slickness and durability.
    There are plenty of other SiO2 sprays these days as the market is pretty saturated by them. One option is getting CarPro Ech20 which will add gloss and slickness but very little protection. It works with any coating and makes and excellent drying aid.
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    Re: Gtechniq CSL/EXO: Maintenance between coatings?

    Thank you! I will look into the QD product.

    I use mckees hydro blue one my wife`s lease and like that. Maybe I`ll try using that when I wash next time to see how it works out.

    thank you



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