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    Re: Coating bare aluminum wheels?

    bodidly22`s suggestion of FK1000P isn`t as impractical as it might seem. I`ve used it to keep the (lightly) curbed areas of the A8`s wheels oxidation-free for years now, and it works a lot better than I`d ever expected.

    But I`d still lean towards the 22ple VM1.

    The Guz- Ah, I`ll be interested to hear what you think of the 22ple! And I`ll keep in mind how you like the Wolfgang Metal Sealant.

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    Re: Coating bare aluminum wheels?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike lambert View Post
    Just curious, that’s all. I don’t coat them because I don’t want them coming back after 6 months. That’s all.
    Oh, I hear that. Im even concerned that I went through all that to coat them and its only gonna last 18 mo. Personally for wheels I just use Opti-seal each time I wash. I would never coat my wheels either, doesnt last long enough to make that effort worth it for marginal result differences.

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