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    Re: Suggestions for Hand-cleaning Soaps

    Powder wash detergent works great for oily grease on the hands. Take enough so you desolve the gritty powder and have the water turned off while cleaning the hands. Mopp up if you get bigger lumps as it binds to the powder detergent. Otherwise rinse with full hot water. Follow with a hand soap that moisture your hands.

    Try different brands of those that you use before you start to work. It gets like a protection on your hands and gets easier to clean after the day or if you clean it off at lunch and reapply it on the hands. Brands is so different from where I live. But I would look at the bigger companies that sell to the industries. I think that Würth has some of this and hand soaps. It was a long time ago since useing heavy duty cleaning for the hands. When I worked on the sawmill it was interesting to take of what got mixed in all of tree sap LOL. Also the grease used in the moving parts of the sawmill loader I drove was a PIA to get off. The orange peel oil based hand soap with the gritty feel to which maybe is like what you call pumice. Was one product that was very effective to clean the grease off. Also the cleaning ability was different between brands with the same kind of based chemicals in them. Some where stronger than others. So I would try different brands that you have heard good about.

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    Re: Suggestions for Hand-cleaning Soaps

    The liquid lava was the best I ever used-- and I used a lot of them. The lava bar is great also.

    Kresto was probably as good

    Just cant find it in the stores anymore

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    Re: Suggestions for Hand-cleaning Soaps

    Quote Originally Posted by MattPersman View Post
    Interesting...You dont like snap on nitro gold ? It’s one of the best I have tried especially if you continue to use it. Expensive buy in if you don’t have a driver but not terrible if you do. I have a dispenser at home even.

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    Spent a lot of money with Happy Snappy but I’ve never tried their hand soap.
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